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Effective Log Management: Not a challenge any more

log management
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Ways to powerpack your Log Management capabilities

Managing logs intelligently is the backbone of any organization. A common misbelief is that log management is only useful for developers and sysadmins, whereas logs are capable of providing in-depth insight into other operational functions in any organization like customer support, product management & customer success.

Smart Log management helps you get insight on your applications like – how it happened? What’s happening? Who will get impacted?

log management

Centralized log management plays a crucial role in the case of Amazon Web Services – a big shot in cloud computing world. It is not only considered to be mission critical but also important to derive operational intelligence out of bulk data.

Centralized log management may have answers to all your issues like outages etc but it takes perseverance & time to realize its benefits!

There are numerous ways to make your log management effective, but we have listed below few methods which may help you!

Having centralized logs can prove to be a savior as we mentioned above. Imagine a scenario where you have been experiencing recurring alert but not able to locate the root cause of the issue, may be because you need permissions to multiple places for finding them!

It would have been so much easier to find the missing cog in the wheel if you have all the logs in one single repository.

Quite often we see many tools claiming to either compress the bulk log data or to cherry pick the useful ones, due to various factors like cost, security or may be because of lack of storage. However, it is very crucial to have centralized log management system in place to make it easier to blue pencil the loopholes & also have the complete picture in front of you of your tech stack.

As the systems are getting more and more complex day by day so is the API driven economy, getting to trace the problem’s root cause with ease may help you understand your system in a better way.
So why leave any log behind! What if the missing piece might just complete the whole puzzle!

So having all the bulk log data can be tagged as the initial step. Storing the logs in a safe zone can be regarded as one of the points in your checklist. It will anyways benefit your organization by keeping the data safe & secure all the confidential information of your organization will remain in safe hands.

We suppose making log management secure and also easily accessible is the biggest milestone in log management process.

Consolidating all your crucial log data in one place & also less trained staff might also have access to those logs with ease.Customer support team may use the logs to solve customer issues, while product managers may use the logs to monitor no. of downgrades, no. of logins/sign ups i.e. business metrics & Marketing team can have a look at the coupon usage etc.

On top of that tools having custom dashboards for log management lets, you see what matters the most to you!

There always a way to skim out the confidential data like payment related data and give access to the authorized panel only restricting the other to have access to it.

Keep a track on who accessed and modified the files that matter the most to you. Get details on – Who is accessing files? When did they get access to it? From where? How? and What changes have been made by whom? We consider answers to these questions very important to avoid information counterfeit.

Usually, logs can reveal a lot more than underlying issues even before actual symptoms show up in the form of an alert. Whenever there’s any alert from the tool usually the complete team involves in it to find the root cause & further dig inside the log analytics. It makes it easier to have a correlation between your components in this case since it helps you save more time & effort.

Few more ideas may include -Scheduling weekly or daily reports furthermore summarizing it or conducting review even if there is no issue or considering cross team audits on log management etc.

You may also want to consider – a logging strategy, structuring bulk log data, practicing end to end logging, using logs to monitor key business trends or changes.

Build different formulas to check your effectiveness in log management! Set custom alerts! Have custom dashboards!
There are plenty of options on your plate to make log management effective – now it’s your call.

Motadata log management tool is capable of supporting all sorts or logs emerging from heterogeneous sources. If something can generate logs, Motadata can process those logs. It offers processing of 100k+ events per second on a commodity hardware to provide the real-time insights which are second to none.

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